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Kairos Church Services Toolkit-

Researchers indicate there are approximately 350,000 Protestant churches in the United States; 280,000 (80%) of which are either plateaued or in decline.

Kairos Legacy Partners was established to help the leaders of these churches understand the factors affecting their church and the options available to them for assistance. We’ve designed this toolkit to help provide information about the risks facing churches today and to get you started in evaluating your own congregation.


Churches in America Today

Church Life-cycles: Just like people, churches experience life-cycles.
Click here to see the seven stages of the life-cycle of a local church.

Defining at Risk: Churches across America are facing challenging times.
Click here to read more about the dangers of internal coups, steeplejacking and hostile takeovers.

Legacy Churches Book: “Legacy Churches has been written to offer hope, wisdom and courage to leaders who must consider the pathway of becoming a legacy church.”
Click here to read more.


Evaluating Your Church

Congregational Self-Test: Answer a short 12 question survey for a simple indicator of the health of your church.
Click here.

Ministry Assessment: For an in-depth look at the health and vitality of your congregation, Kairos offers a consultant led assessment process.
Click here to learn more.


Kairos Can Help

Kairos Church Trusts: Safeguarding church properties against decline, internal-coup or external takeover, Kairos partners with church leaders to place their properties in trust, memorializing their legacy decisions for the future distribution of church assets to specific ministry beneficiaries.
Click here to learn more about Protecting a Legacy.

Kairos Legacy Churches: Casting a vision for the Kingdom stewardship of declining churches, Kairos partners with church leaders to evaluate the future of their church and, when appropriate, oversee the legacy process of re-deploying church assets in support of other Kingdom impacting ministries.
Click here to learn more about Leaving a Legacy.

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