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We cast a vision for the Kingdom stewardship of declining churches.
Partnering with church leaders, we evaluate the future of their church and, when appropriate, oversee the legacy process of re-deploying church assets in support of other Kingdom impacting ministries.

Legacy Process

Becoming a Legacy Church consists of four phases: Making the Decision, Documenting the Decision, Implementing the Decision, and Honoring the Decision.

Making the Decision: During this phase, Kairos helps church leaders understand their place in the life-cycle process and evaluate their stewardship responsibility for the assets God has placed in their care.

Our goal is to help the congregation accept this difficult and emotional decision; and then, embrace the opportunity for their under-utilized Kingdom resources to be re-purposed for global Kingdom impact.

By making this decision, the church fulfills Jesus’ words in John 12, “Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains just one seed. But, if it dies it produces much fruit.”

Documenting the Decision: During this phase, Kairos works with the church leaders to:

  • Create a comprehensive description of the church’s real property;
  • Identify the beneficiary ministries of the legacy gift;
  • Assist the congregation in celebrating its unique heritage;
  • Outline the responsibilities of Kairos in managing the sale of the church property;
  • Define the responsibilities of Kairos in distributing the legacy gifts to the beneficiaries.

Implementing the Decision: During this phase, Kairos Legacy Partners oversees the various activities necessary to maintain the property, list it for sale, transfer and distribute the sale proceeds.

Depending on the length of time required to sell a church property, Kairos may make the property available for lease during this implementation phase.

Honoring the Decision: When a legacy property is sold, Kairos will liquidate the assets and distribute the net sale proceeds to the beneficiaries as previously determined by the congregation. Kairos will also oversee the termination of the church corporation in keeping with the legal requirements of the state.

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