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“We safeguard church properties against decline, internal-coup or external takeover. Partnering with current church leaders, we place their property in trust, memorializing their legacy decisions for the future distribution of church assets to specific ministry beneficiaries.”

Trust Beneficiaries

One of the most important decisions a church makes is determining which Kingdom ministries it will bless through its end-of-life generosity.

What should your church consider when naming its Church Trust beneficiaries?

  • Church Planting ministries;
  • International missions your congregation has historically supported;
  • Domestic missions your congregation has historically supported;
  • Christian Colleges, Universities, and Campus Ministries;
  • Benevolence Organizations (including the Kairos Benevolence Fund);

To comply with IRS regulations, all Church Trust beneficiaries must be recognized as 501(c)(3) organizations (private inurement is specifically prohibited).

How should your church determine appropriate amounts for each beneficiary?

  • Smaller dollar amounts can be specifically designated to a beneficiary (generally $5,000 or less);
  • Larger dollar amounts should be determined by designating a percentage of the trust proceeds for each beneficiary;
  • We encourage you to limit the number of designated beneficiaries so that the amount received by each significantly blesses their ministry.

What happens if a specific beneficiary is no longer in active ministry when your Church Trust proceeds are distributed?

As Trustee, Kairos has the responsibility to determine a successor beneficiary most in-line with the purpose of the beneficiary originally designated by the Church Trust.

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