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A Praying Police Officer and A Declining Church-

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways,
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
(Isaiah 55:9 – KJV)

Police-CopSean was a law enforcement officer in Clovis New Mexico for 8 ½ years. Central Christian Church in Clovis was for many years the largest Christian Church in the State of New Mexico. However, even with its great buildings and dedication to spreading the Gospel, it declined to become a congregation of less than 50, mostly elderly members.

Over the years some of Sean’s patrols were during the lonely hours of midnight to 4:00 am. Occasionally he would find himself sitting in his patrol car in the large parking lot of Central Christian Church. Through his connections in the community, Sean became aware that Central Christian was a declining church, so he began praying (as he sat in his patrol car) that God would do something special in that place “for His glory!”

Little did Sean know at that time that God was going to lay the burden on his heart to meet with the leaders of Central Christian and propose a building sharing arrangement between Central Christian and the young church he was attending – but that’s exactly what happened. The result was an agreement between the two churches which resulted in the complete refurbishing of Central’s building.

There is new carpet in the sanctuary and new chairs have replaced the old pews. There is a new sound and lighting system. New air conditioning and heating units serve the sanctuary. And, even that parking lot where Sean prayed in his police car, in the dark of the night, has been refinished.

For more than a year the small group of faithful Central Christians met in the sanctuary at 9:00 am for their traditional worship service. Then, at 10:30 that same sanctuary was filled with more than 400 enthusiastic young adults and families praising God in their more contemporary fashion.

Then recently, the “young” church approached the older Central members with an offer to purchase the building, including an agreement to remodel the “fireside chapel” so Central would have a comfortable and beautiful place to continue worshipping each Lord’s-day.  And, the sale price was sufficiently generous to allow Central to establish a Church Planting Fund to assist in starting new Christian Churches in New Mexico for years to come.

Kairos Legacy Partners was pleased to assist in this Win-Win Kingdom story. Several years ago Central put its property in Trust with Kairos to protect the property and its value for future Kingdom benefit. When this “young” church approached Central, these mutually beneficial arrangements could be made without fear of any “takeover” or mishandling of assets – because the property was safely “in-trust.”

Today, there is a vibrant, thriving, dynamic congregation worshiping in the Central building. There is a blessed group of “older” Central Christians worshiping each Sunday in the fireside chapel. There are funds available for new church planting in New Mexico, and a gift was made by Central to the Kairos Benevolence Fund for use in meeting health and/or financial crises faced by aging Christian Church ministers and missionaries.

Yes, God had a plan for a police officer, a declining church, and His Kingdom – and God has a plan for your church too!

If your church is struggling and perhaps in doubt about its future, please contact us.

Kairos Legacy Partners is the voice of legacy serving Christ’s Kingdom by safeguarding church properties, re-deploying declining church assets, and empowering benevolence for faithful Kingdom servants.

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A Praying Police Officer and A Declining Church
A Praying Police Officer and A Declining Church
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than ...
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