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Even McDonalds Is Gone?-

mcdonald-s-psd-457848I travel by air quite regularly, and frequently my trips take me through the ‘B’ Terminal of Houston’s Intercontinental Airport. In fact, I go through that ‘B” Terminal so often that I usually make my breakfast, lunch, or dinner plans based on a quick stop at the McDonald’s in that terminal’s food court.

Recently I made such a trip on Friday, grabbed a breakfast sandwich at that McDonald’s, then boarded another plane for my next flight. On Sunday, just 2 days later, I flew back through Houston and was looking forward to a Quarter Pounder with cheese for dinner, but – NO, – it couldn’t be – in just 2 days my BFF McDonald’s was gone!

In Ecclesiastes 3 Solomon wrote, “There is a time for everything under heaven … a time to be born and a time to die; a time to build and a time to tear down…” In other words, CHANGE HAPPENS!

Do you remember:

  • Dressing up to fly on an airplane, because it was a special event to fly?
  • Being served a real meal on the plane, and even having silverware?
  • Service stations where they checked your car’s oil, washed the windshield, filled the tires with air … all while putting gas in the tank?
  • Stores like Service Merchandise, Rexall Pharmacy, Woolworth’s, and Western Auto?
  • S&H green stamps, or Gold Bond stamps?

Indeed, change happens, and most of the time change is for the better – and we learn to make the adjustments to new ways.

Sometimes, however, change can be disturbing because it affects things we held in high regard, and perhaps thought were unchangeable.

Let’s take the local church, for instance. During our lifetime the local church has been a solid member of our community. Most everyone went to church on Sunday morning. You’d drop your kids off at the nursery, grab a cup of coffee and head to your Sunday School class. Remember the crowded halls and the buzz of conversation as people headed into the Sanctuary. Remember the organ prelude, singing hymns from a book, the Doxology, and the preacher wearing a suit and tie?

Today, church researchers report that 80% of the churches in America are plateaued or declining, and as many as 5,000 to 10,000 churches will close their doors and DIE every year.

Yes, change happens to churches too. Like all living things churches have life-cycles. Some may view change within the church as a failure of leadership or vision, when in fact, even the first churches planted by the apostles were born, grew and multiplied, declined, and died.

Because of this reality, Kairos Legacy Partners was established!

Our mission is to come alongside the leaders of these declining churches, assist in evaluating the future of their church, and provide a network of support and resources. If it is possible for their church to make the changes necessary to remain a vibrant functioning fellowship of disciple-making believers, then Kairos wants to help make that possible. However, if that local congregation has reached the end of its life-cycle, Kairos wants to help the church celebrate its legacy, assist in the liquidation of the church’s assets, and insure that those Kingdom assets are re-purposed into church planting, missions, and other Kingdom impacting ministries.

I’m not sure what will replace McDonald’s in Terminal ‘B’ at the Houston airport – maybe something actually serving healthy food? Whatever they replace it with, I know it won’t be the reliable, steadfast, traditional McDonald’s I know and love – but it will likely appeal more to all of the younger generations.

And I do know that when change happens to a church in partnership with Kairos – very positive results can be expected for the Kingdom of Christ and its mission to reach lost souls with the Good News of the Gospel!

Article by David T. Pace, Kairos Legacy Partners

Kairos Legacy Partners is the Voice of Legacy serving Christ’s Kingdom by safeguarding church properties, re-deploying declining church assets, and empowering benevolence for faithful Kingdom servants.

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